Sunday, June 8, 2008

She smells like a..... nothing.

While most people say things like .. "I just love the smell of babies." People don't say that where Cunksi is concerned, because, well, she doesn't smell like a baby.
I've worked hard to make sure that she doesn't smell like the typical baby. I don't use conventional baby shampoo and soap. I use products that are Certified Oganic and when she is older, I will use the homemade soap that I make. The reason for this is because there are toxic things in your everyday "Traditional" shampoo and baby wash. There are BPA's, DBP,(dinbutyl phthalate) in these products, but they don't have to be listed, it can be hidden under "fragrance". Research is linking the effects of BPA. and DBP (among others) in babies and children to delayed development, and these chemicals can mimic certain hormones, causing pre pubescent development. Uh, I'll have my baby shampoo, hold the chemicals thanks.
So, because of that, I am very glad that Cunksi doesn't "smell like a baby", this allows her to smell like herself, which is the best anyway.
I have included a link to the right ( that will tell you what other things you need to be aware of in your products as well as how they can affect you and your children. This is why it is VITAL to be a label reader!!! I've always read everything... part of it was me being almost anal about being a label reader, but now it's because I'm a mom. But hey, I want to know what I"m putting in my body, and now as a breastfeeding mom, it a kajillion times more important that I don't miss anything.
I have more info on other things as well, but I can't work too much at this time, as I'm having to be available for a very fussy baby girl who may decide she needs her Ina at the drop of a hat.
I will go into the dangers of DMP, (dimethyl phthalate), DEHP (Di2 ethylhexyl) and others.
I have to go for now, but I will be back when I can.
for now, Rogue
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Professor said...

Great info! Thanks for sharing... and I like the idea that she smells like herself than any old baby...