Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Organic... why it's important

Every time I put something in my mouth these days, I think about it. I never used to. But since the birth of Cunksi, I HAVE to. Because she is breast fed, EVERYTHING I eat, so does she. It's just another responsibility of being a parent, one that I will gladly accept.

I never really thought that much about what I ate, mostly because I was raised with really smart ideas about food, so I didn't like junk food, or sweets. In my family, growing up, we were not allowed to have sugar, or chocolate, or anything like that. We had specific times when we were allowed to have kool-aid, and the only time we had sugar was when we visited my grandmother. (Hence my soft spot for Boo-Berry cereal. It's part the sugar, part memories of g-ma.) As a result, I do not like candy, or sugary things... and my biggest indulgence (pre baby) was chocolate. But even that changed after pregnancy, carob is my new chocolate. We had carob as children, because my brother was allergic to chocolate, so everything we ate was carob. Even now, when i taste carob, I have flashes of being with my brother eating it. I've always liked the taste of carob.

Anyway, so I'm grateful to my mother for raising me with those kinds of things regarding food. I carry those food smarts with me today. I'm also very very lucky in the sense that I have kick ass genes, which allows me to stay very slim and enabled me to lose my pregnancy weight quickly. (well, that and breastfeeding.)
Before I had a child, I liked the idea of organic, but often didn't have the money to do it, now that I have a child, not doing it, just isn't' an option. Because she is on food now in addition to breastfeeding, I cannot let her ingest toxins from the food she eats. Finding organic options in this four light town, is hard, but not impossible. Thankfully, many people here are much more evolved that I initially gave them credit for, so there are many organic minded people here and if you need something ordered, they will do it. The stores here carry some organic produce, we have a food coop here and there are farmer's markets. So, I am able to feed my family organic meals without a lot of inconvenience. And I am able to have the peace of mind knowing that my daughter isn't ingesting toxins that could affect her growth and development. What parent wouldn't like that?
I have to stop here and run, I will be back to finish this when I can.
for now, motherhood calls.
be well, rogue

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