Friday, June 20, 2008

Hot Fun in The Summer Time

   Happy first day of summer!!
   As the summer kicks off and I make my plans for our family to go fishing tomorrow, I realize it is time to start ordering my taterware.  What in the name of la-de-da is taterware you ask? Well, it is the eco friendly, super smart, biodegradable picnic/ party items.  They have everything, cups silverware plates,  carry out containers, etc.  Everyone should really look into these products, you can get them in bulk for  fairly reasonable prices. I'm going to try and get my in laws to get them for the feeds they always hold after Inipi's and ceremonies.  There is always so many plastic cups  and plates that get thrown away, it makes my skin crawl.  But with taterware, you can still have the convience of throw away without the long lasting effects and landfill guilt.
 So yes, tomorrow, we are off to the dam for a day of fishing and sun and fun!! Looking very forward to it, Mihigna has had  a long, rough week, now it's tiwahe mazaskaska.
 Sleep well, have a great day, and enjoy your first day of summer!! I don't care what the calendar and news say; the official solstice and first day of summer is REALLY the 21st.
OH And!! Happy (late) Indian Day!!!

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