Sunday, June 8, 2008

Changes...and other news

So, a smallish update. First, a big wopila (thank you) to Proffessor, for the great comments, and b-day wish, I'd love your email addy so I could communicate with you.
Secondly, since my birthday was on wed, we had my party yesterday, which was absolutly wonderful. Since we are closer to home, (the rez) I was able to have dear friends and family here, and it was a wonderful, wonderful time. I had three cakes!! One of them was homemade! So sweet! Mihigna is the most incredible!
and now i have lost my train of thought... too busy watching mi cunksi crawl about. Oh, she is the love of my life!!
Ok, I gotta scoot, she needs to be monitored so she doesn't hurt herself.

Should my thoughts return, I will be back with them.
for now, iblable.
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1 comment:

Professor said...

Hey thanks for the mention!!!! And sounds like you had a great day!