Monday, June 16, 2008


Ok, so I have a big list of things I need to write about... but I will have to come back to it, so I will jot down all the things I want to cover, so when I get back, I can cover them.
 A quick note: Mihigna and I went away for the weekend to Rapid, it was a fab wonderful relaxing weekend. It was wondeful!!! We got to go the natural foods store, and met some really nice people... it was a really great time. Ok,
 My list:

   * Prarie edge experience
   * natural foods  store
   * He's not autisic but.......
  *  prarie dog debacle
  *latest episode of dinner club... I've been saying those things for a lOOOONNNNGGG time.
 *update on certification for the parenting workshops
  *new opportunity for moi via ycca dune
  * the eco solution mihigna and I came up with on the way to Rapid.

ok, more later,  Rogue
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