Saturday, June 28, 2008

pictures with no...with very little words

I'm bored, and boring. So here's some pics....perhaps later a poem.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


    The sun is shining, it is warm, cunksi and I are going to go play outside.
What are you going to do today?
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Monday, June 23, 2008

Weekend and other news

We went to the lake on Sat and had a lot of fun!! Baby girl loved being in the water and Mihigna loved being able to fish, even if he didn't catch anything. I really didn't do anything other than chase baby girl around.
I have been looking for a wooden high chair for Cunksi since I don't want her to have a plastic one, as I'm sure they are all made with nasty off gassing plastic, stuffed with toxic foam and I refuse to put her in such a toxic seat. I've found some really cool ones, that are made right here in the USA!! Woot! Woot! I don't get much time to browse the net, but I found it at tiptoe turtle......(how appropriate hey?)
Baby girl is sleeping right now, so I"m going to go and see if I can't get a smidgen of writing done.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Girl's Gone Child: Kicking Me From Both Sides

Girl's Gone Child: Kicking Me From Both Sides

OHhh, go read this, this is soooo sweet!! I remember those days so well.
There is nothing like being a mother and in love with your baby.
Great job Rebbecca, you are a fabu mommy!

Hot Fun in The Summer Time

   Happy first day of summer!!
   As the summer kicks off and I make my plans for our family to go fishing tomorrow, I realize it is time to start ordering my taterware.  What in the name of la-de-da is taterware you ask? Well, it is the eco friendly, super smart, biodegradable picnic/ party items.  They have everything, cups silverware plates,  carry out containers, etc.  Everyone should really look into these products, you can get them in bulk for  fairly reasonable prices. I'm going to try and get my in laws to get them for the feeds they always hold after Inipi's and ceremonies.  There is always so many plastic cups  and plates that get thrown away, it makes my skin crawl.  But with taterware, you can still have the convience of throw away without the long lasting effects and landfill guilt.
 So yes, tomorrow, we are off to the dam for a day of fishing and sun and fun!! Looking very forward to it, Mihigna has had  a long, rough week, now it's tiwahe mazaskaska.
 Sleep well, have a great day, and enjoy your first day of summer!! I don't care what the calendar and news say; the official solstice and first day of summer is REALLY the 21st.
OH And!! Happy (late) Indian Day!!!

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I have always been an outside gal. When I was a child, (and and adult) I practically lived outside. When I was pregnant, I hoped that my daughter would inherit her parent's love of nature and being outside. I'm happy to report that she has! She loves to be outside! So, durring the day we are often outside, as much as we can and I love seeing her enjoy herself.
Today we went to teh park and played in the creek and went for a walk, she was in heaven!!!!
Now I must run, Ina duty calls.
What are you doing this weekend?
be well, Rogue
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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Organic... why it's important

Every time I put something in my mouth these days, I think about it. I never used to. But since the birth of Cunksi, I HAVE to. Because she is breast fed, EVERYTHING I eat, so does she. It's just another responsibility of being a parent, one that I will gladly accept.

I never really thought that much about what I ate, mostly because I was raised with really smart ideas about food, so I didn't like junk food, or sweets. In my family, growing up, we were not allowed to have sugar, or chocolate, or anything like that. We had specific times when we were allowed to have kool-aid, and the only time we had sugar was when we visited my grandmother. (Hence my soft spot for Boo-Berry cereal. It's part the sugar, part memories of g-ma.) As a result, I do not like candy, or sugary things... and my biggest indulgence (pre baby) was chocolate. But even that changed after pregnancy, carob is my new chocolate. We had carob as children, because my brother was allergic to chocolate, so everything we ate was carob. Even now, when i taste carob, I have flashes of being with my brother eating it. I've always liked the taste of carob.

Anyway, so I'm grateful to my mother for raising me with those kinds of things regarding food. I carry those food smarts with me today. I'm also very very lucky in the sense that I have kick ass genes, which allows me to stay very slim and enabled me to lose my pregnancy weight quickly. (well, that and breastfeeding.)
Before I had a child, I liked the idea of organic, but often didn't have the money to do it, now that I have a child, not doing it, just isn't' an option. Because she is on food now in addition to breastfeeding, I cannot let her ingest toxins from the food she eats. Finding organic options in this four light town, is hard, but not impossible. Thankfully, many people here are much more evolved that I initially gave them credit for, so there are many organic minded people here and if you need something ordered, they will do it. The stores here carry some organic produce, we have a food coop here and there are farmer's markets. So, I am able to feed my family organic meals without a lot of inconvenience. And I am able to have the peace of mind knowing that my daughter isn't ingesting toxins that could affect her growth and development. What parent wouldn't like that?
I have to stop here and run, I will be back to finish this when I can.
for now, motherhood calls.
be well, rogue

a tidbit

OK, so we were supposed to go to Sx City this past weekend, but our insurance wasn't in place, so we canceled the appointments and decided to go to Rapid, since Mihigna had Friday off anyway. I stopped by the bookstore on my way out to pick up a new book I wanted to read. It is called, He's not Autistic but... I was turned onto it, from another mommy blog...can't remember which one now. Anyway, with cunksi facing her MMR, we are a bit nervous about her getting it. It was really helpful to read the book, and it helped some, but I'm still uncertain.
It is a must read for all moms, but people without children could read it too. there is a really interesting information on aluminum. To some people it may sound new age-y but there is still really good info on general health in there.
It's funny for me, because decades ago, I knew aluminum was linked to Alzheimer's (my mother was a director of nursing, so I got a lot of the info people are just now getting.) so, I stopped using aluminum things, and cut out my deodorants with aluminum in them. Thankfully, they have a lot of aluminum free deodorants now that are easy to get. (I can do a whole post on that alone.)
Anyway, I read it from Rapid to Kyle, and then from Kyle, back home. It is the first book I've read all the way through since cunksi was born. I feel less apprehensive about the risk for autism now but am not completely assured. So, I will continue to do research. I'll keep you posted on my findings.
In other news. I have been offered to become a certified instructor for a parenting class. This thrills me, because this is right down my ally!! I will be able to do workshops here as well as on the rez, which will be so beneficial. More on that when I know.

Ok, that is all I have time to update right now...
Professor, I got your message... I will email later, when I can.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Ok, so I have a big list of things I need to write about... but I will have to come back to it, so I will jot down all the things I want to cover, so when I get back, I can cover them.
 A quick note: Mihigna and I went away for the weekend to Rapid, it was a fab wonderful relaxing weekend. It was wondeful!!! We got to go the natural foods store, and met some really nice people... it was a really great time. Ok,
 My list:

   * Prarie edge experience
   * natural foods  store
   * He's not autisic but.......
  *  prarie dog debacle
  *latest episode of dinner club... I've been saying those things for a lOOOONNNNGGG time.
 *update on certification for the parenting workshops
  *new opportunity for moi via ycca dune
  * the eco solution mihigna and I came up with on the way to Rapid.

ok, more later,  Rogue
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Sunday, June 8, 2008

She smells like a..... nothing.

While most people say things like .. "I just love the smell of babies." People don't say that where Cunksi is concerned, because, well, she doesn't smell like a baby.
I've worked hard to make sure that she doesn't smell like the typical baby. I don't use conventional baby shampoo and soap. I use products that are Certified Oganic and when she is older, I will use the homemade soap that I make. The reason for this is because there are toxic things in your everyday "Traditional" shampoo and baby wash. There are BPA's, DBP,(dinbutyl phthalate) in these products, but they don't have to be listed, it can be hidden under "fragrance". Research is linking the effects of BPA. and DBP (among others) in babies and children to delayed development, and these chemicals can mimic certain hormones, causing pre pubescent development. Uh, I'll have my baby shampoo, hold the chemicals thanks.
So, because of that, I am very glad that Cunksi doesn't "smell like a baby", this allows her to smell like herself, which is the best anyway.
I have included a link to the right ( that will tell you what other things you need to be aware of in your products as well as how they can affect you and your children. This is why it is VITAL to be a label reader!!! I've always read everything... part of it was me being almost anal about being a label reader, but now it's because I'm a mom. But hey, I want to know what I"m putting in my body, and now as a breastfeeding mom, it a kajillion times more important that I don't miss anything.
I have more info on other things as well, but I can't work too much at this time, as I'm having to be available for a very fussy baby girl who may decide she needs her Ina at the drop of a hat.
I will go into the dangers of DMP, (dimethyl phthalate), DEHP (Di2 ethylhexyl) and others.
I have to go for now, but I will be back when I can.
for now, Rogue
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Changes...and other news

So, a smallish update. First, a big wopila (thank you) to Proffessor, for the great comments, and b-day wish, I'd love your email addy so I could communicate with you.
Secondly, since my birthday was on wed, we had my party yesterday, which was absolutly wonderful. Since we are closer to home, (the rez) I was able to have dear friends and family here, and it was a wonderful, wonderful time. I had three cakes!! One of them was homemade! So sweet! Mihigna is the most incredible!
and now i have lost my train of thought... too busy watching mi cunksi crawl about. Oh, she is the love of my life!!
Ok, I gotta scoot, she needs to be monitored so she doesn't hurt herself.

Should my thoughts return, I will be back with them.
for now, iblable.
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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Green Momma

I am a big fan of all things green, as many of you know. Well today is a great day, for many reasons. One, it's my birthday, woo hoo!!!! Two: Discovery channel is now known as Planet green, all green all the time! And three: you can now have a "green" browser. go to tree and get the details and then download it for a happy, environmentally friendly browser!i

IN other news... cunksi's tooth has finished pushing through the gum, it is sooo cute!!!
And now she is crawling.
Such fun!
....and now i have to run, she wants asanpi.