Thursday, May 8, 2008


The whole diaper dilemma? Totally solved! I ordered Gdiapers, and have fallen MADLY in love with them!! So has mihigna. They are totally the bomb! I looked at them earlier, but went with another cheaper version, which was my lesson. Those ended up getting taken to the civ and i was a bit mad at myself for spending the money on something that was a waste of money. I liked the concept of gdiapers, but was hesitant about the money.
when will i learn? frugality only pays off if it works!!!
anyway, madly madly madly in love with gdiapers and I will be using this until cunksi is potty trained.
I will be writing them a letter about how awesome they are and how much we love them!!!
lots more to update, but cunksi is needing her Ina a lot lately.
quick sneak peek though.... today she played peekaboo all by herself!!! (for about ten minutes!) I was soo proud!!!

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