Saturday, April 12, 2008


Went to Target today and guess what they are carrying now? Hotslings.
For those of you who don't know, hotslings are slings to carry your baby around in, for those who believe in babywearing. I was a bit excited, because I have been thinking about looking into alternative slings, as I worry mine will soon be too small for cunksi. They say they go up to 35 #. So, I tried it on.
It is waaaay smaller than my sling and baby girl, (who is only 20#) was mucho smooshed up in there, to the point that she laughed, as if she were saying,
"yeah right Ina, like this is going to work."
I was disappointed, but thrilled that my home made baby sling still works better than anything I have found on the market yet.
See, I'd had a disapointing trial with New Native baby carriers as well, but I'll post that story another day.
So, again, and as usual, Home made is BEST.

My baby rocks!! She's the total bomb!!
Ok, I gotta scoot, Cunksi is sleeping on my lap, and I fear she will wake up, so I'm going to move her to bed.
For now,

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