Saturday, April 12, 2008

Baby sling story

Ok, I'm back. Cunksi is in bed, and I have some time to write, provided she doesn't wake up. I'm on the bed, and so is the laptop, so hopefully the light and movement won't bother her, not to mention the tap tapping of my keystrokes.
The New native baby carrier story.
Ever since I had seen the advertisement, I'd felt that New native was the sling I was going to use once I had my baby. There were no annoying/dangerous rings that may break or annoy my shoulder, or my baby, and I really like the design of them, not to mention many of them came in organic cotton. So, I placed an order with them. When you order it, it comes with a DVD on all the ways to wear your baby/toddler, which made me happy because I fully planned to sling my baby around until she herself asked to be put down. In the video they show toddlers happily hoisted into the slings. Good, I would be able to use this for the long haul. Now, they are based on the size of the person using the sling. I think this is where something went wrong.
With them, you are supposed to take your t-shirt size, (pre pregnancy,) bust size, (pre-preg) and height/wt pre preg. According to all of that, I was small. I ordered it, and got it, and fell in love with it. They tell you to wash and dry it, (regular cycle) before you use it, for a "true fit." Um. OK. So I did. I got it out of the dryer, and I swear it looked a bit smaller. But I couldn't be sure. So I set it with all the other stuff to take to hospital and went about my life. All went on, as things to when one is preparing for baby. baby is born, put baby in carrier and things are ok. In fact, things are GREAT, I LOVE my sling... carry baby all over and she is in it almost all of her waking hours.
Two weeks later... this breastfed newborn is double her birth weight and literally over night, she no longer fits in her sling.
Baby too too small. There goes $44(plus tax) into the civic council donation box.
I'm panicked. I CANNOT live without my sling... it makes baby happy and content.
I call my sister... tell her of dilemma...the wonder seamstress that she is, whips one up for me that works FABU!!!! And to this day, still does... as Cunksi is now seven months old, 20 # and some oz. She made some for my friends who have had babies, and they love theirs as well.

Sad news is, she doesn't make them I will be. After the move of course, but I will be making them. Because I absolutely believe in the power of baby wearing. I'm sure it has to do with genetics, and temperament, but she is such a calm baby. I am certain my slinging her played/plays a role in there somewhere. In fact... there is a womun who has a website that talks about this very thing. In the US, "babywearing" or slinging your baby, isn't an obvious to every mother, but in other countries, it is a given... and she talks about this. I'll dig through my bookmarks and find that site and let you all know about it. for those who believe in babywearing/attachment parenting/slinging, whatever you call it, this is all stuff you already are familiar with. But those who don't know, may find it interesting, helpful.

Anyway, where ever we go, people comment on how calm she is, and how she is content to just be. I go out to lunch with my girlfriends, and this smallish being will sit quietly for four hours at a stretch! She is the bomb! I know slinging plays a part in there somewhere.

Ok, now I gotta go to bed, or eat something first, then go. But, I've also got a manuscript to work on as well.
For now,

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