Friday, April 11, 2008

diaper dilema

So, I really am not happy with using disposable diapers-non biodegradable disposable diapers... they sit in the landfill for 400-800 years!!!! Before cunksi was born, I did a lot of research, and decided to go with the "modern" version of the cloth diaper. Enter Kushies diapers.
Such a waste of money!!!!! :(
First, they were too big for her, then when they fit, they were so bulky, she was miserable! So I discovered Nature Care baby diapers, they are made of corn, and were invented by a mother in Switzerland... I LOVE THEM!!! They are made from corn and totally break down in your compost pile. I found them at Target, and have loved them since the first time I used them. I got them and used them when she was born and since then.
Except, now I am moving and I will only be able to order them online and have them delivered.... the whole concept of gas for delivery etc, is my environmental dilemma. So, I'm not sure what I'm going to do, something I need to figure out soon; as the move is looming large.
gotta nurse right back

OK, back. Took me awhile, because she was fighting sleep. I finally got her to go down though. She gets so tired, but she really thinks she is going to miss something if she sleeps. She is SUCH a mini me. But she is the joy of my life, let me tell you.

I spoke with a friend last evening and got some really great information about the books I've been trying to get published, it's all so exciting! I'll reveal more when I can.
I should be using this time to pack or write on some manuscripts.... but I rarely get to blog, this is what I want to do right now.
But, I've run out of interesting things to say, so I think I'll haul out a manuscript.

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Bottles Barbies & Boys said...

I swear they can make everything out of CORN! Just another reason I can't afford groceries. lol

I commend you enviro efforts!